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Estate Block Riesling
$35 each
2022 Riesling Estate Block Riesling
This is our first Riesling grown on our newly acquired Clare Valley Estate. This is a dry grown single block planted in 1970. A classic Clare Valley Riesling with great line and length.
For Love Watervale Riesling
$29 each
2023 Riesling For Love Watervale Riesling
Celebrating our eleventh vintage of this wine and a benchmark example of why Watervale Rieslings are universally celebrated.
Mr Nobody Liqueur Riesling
$30 each
Riesling Mr Nobody Mr Nobody Liqueur Riesling
A lighter style white fortified with echos of citrus, lemon, lime marmalade flavours. Refreshing summer sipping over shaved ice
Rosie's Patch Riesling
$25 each
2023 Riesling Rosie's Patch Riesling
Clare Riesling is world famous for it's fresh citrus, lemon and lime flavours and our little Rosie doesn't disappoint!!
Undressed Clare Valley Riesling
$10 each
2023 Riesling Undressed Clare Valley Riesling
START THE CAR! Unbelievable value. Dozen lots only, no mixed cases sorry. Unlabelled Clare Valley Riesling from a cracker vintage. Lime and tropical flavours with a crisp dry finish.