Mr Nobody Liqueur Viognier

Mr Nobody Mr Nobody Liqueur Viognier

Clare Valley, South Australia

A rich and complex old Liqueur Viognier. Predominantly varietal apricot flavours enhanced by deep caramel, fig and toffee notes.

$35 each


Viognier is traditionally a classic white table wine variety that has texture and apricot flavours. This rare Viognier based fortified mirrors this core apricot flavour while additional concentrated flavours of toffee, glazed figs, orange rind and burnt toffee deliver an amazing sipping liqueur. A gorgeous match with dark bitter chocolate, glazed fruits, chocolate coated ginger or rich pistachio and preserved fruit ice cream. 500ml 18% ABV.

Wine Details


Specialist premium and rare fortifieds and sparkling wines


Clare Valley

Sub Region



Fortified Wine



Variety Composition


Vegan Friendly


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